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About Us

Who We Are

We are a family owned and run business. There are 3 generations of our family working at Good2GoCo. What's really cool is that we all love working here. It shows in our commitment to customer service. We are very dedicated to providing the best service humanly possible. From the hand written thank you cards we send with each order to the random surprise gifts we throw into the box. Every step of the way we are driven by a simple philosophy… How can we make sure our customers feel appreciated that they chose to purchase from us?

Some interesting additional facts about us…

Fact 1 – We are 100% Canadian

Fact 2 – All of us really enjoy talking to and helping our customers

Fact 3 – We actually use our products ourselves (that’s why we offer them… we love them)


Who We Are Not

We are not a nameless/faceless corporation that is out to just make profits from you. We really care about our customers. You wont find grumpy people here just punching a clock… earning a paycheck. What you will find however is from time to time some grandkids running up and down the halls in the office or even hear them jabbering in the background while we are on the phone. But don’t worry we won’t let them pack your products or label your orders… Your products are in safe hands.

Why Did We Choose This Business

Well its simple really… We chose this business because we are really interested in the products we offer for sale. All the meals we have for sale have been served at our dinner table. They have been eaten in the mountains while camping. And sit in our backpacks ready to go on our next outing. In fact a number of the products we carry we have been using for years. Long before we ever considered opening our store. But most importantly we wanted to start a unique company that our whole family has the opportunity to work in. All the while doing this business better than anyone else in Canada!

Where Are We Going

 Thanks to all of our customers we are growing at a rapid pace. We are already the largest dealer of several of our products in Canada. Our product selection is constantly growing. We have a significant number of products that we will be adding over the next several months. We are really excited about the new products we are adding to our store. We are adding solar, power generation, new storage food offerings and everyday products relevant to our industry. Plus we are expanding by opening a store in the USA to serve our customers south of the border. Our goal is to become the largest supplier of our kind in Canada. We are well on our way to getting there and we could not be doing it without you… our customers.


Thank – You!